The Runner’s Camp Volunteer Reference Form

Volunteer Reference Form

The person you have received this link from has applied to serve as a volunteer at the 2024 Runner’s Camps in the Wake Forest area. Would you please provide a character reference for this person?

Please note that ALL references MUST be provided by a non-familial adults. If the volunteer has asked you to complete this reference and you do NOT meet this requirement, please indicate that on the form below.

We appreciate your time and energy invested in completing this reference. You are helping to make Runner’s Camp a great event for all campers.

Thank you,
Rob Craig
Executive Director
Runner’s Camp International

Volunteer's Name (the person asking you for a reference):(Required)
Your Name (The person providing the reference)(Required)
In what capacity do you know the person seeking a reference?(Required)
Do you know this person and consider him/her to be trustworthy and reliable?(Required)
Do you believe this person is mature and capable enough to handle the responsibilities of working as a camp volunteer at the Runner's Camp?(Required)
Our volunteers will have direct contact with our campers (6-12 year olds). Do you have any concerns about their ability to work with young children?(Required)

If you DO have concerns about their ability to handle any of these responsibilities please do not hesitate to let me know.

You may contact me directly at the email listed below.

Rob Craig
Executive Director