Here’s what former Runner’s Campers have to say about The Runner’s Camp:


“As a former camper and volunteer, I have truly been blessed by the fellowship and memories of Runner’s Camp. Not only is the week filled with learning more of God’s Word and track and field, but also new experiences, friendship, and laughter! The staff and volunteers of RC also set a great example by leading well and encourage campers to do the same while seeking after Christ more each day.” Katie

I have attended Runner’s Camp since I was 5. It has been truly incredible to see how God has worked through Runner’s Camp, and how it has become such a powerful outreach to the community and the world. As an “alumni” from the Runner’s Camp I have seen it develop immensely from a small Church camp to a huge blessing to our community and to countries across the world. Now, as a volunteer, I look forward each year to serving through the Runner’s Camp. It has been a blessing to me and, I am sure, to the other volunteers and campers who get an opportunity to attend.  – Logan

“The Runners Camp has had an impact on my life because it was here that I learned about the sport of Track & Field and through this learned how living the Christian life is in many ways parallel to being an athlete in intense training!”    – Katie

Runner’s Camp has been a great experience for me. I have been able to learn more about God and the great Creator He is! RC doesn’t just teach us kids about track and field, but they teach us how to run the good race in such a way that we will spend eternity with Christ.  – Emery

Runner’s Camp has really helped me get better at track and field. The age group leaders and staff are always so kind, and are very helpful in all ways. Also, I have made very close friends there. I can set a goal, and keep challenging myself! – Grace

“Runners Camp is awesome! Not only do you learn important track and field abilities, but also about Christ, leadership and encouragement. All these things have really made a difference in my life. Obviously, you are quickly introduced to many new skills both on the field and the track. The teaching in sensational and it is virtually impossible to avoid having fun. I love this camp not only because it is helpful and fun, but also because they incorporate Christ in everything they do. Runners Camp has greatly impacted both my life and I’m sure many others as well.” – Maggie

Runners Camp has been a wonderful experience, and has helped me in so many ways. Every were you go; there’s someone to support and encourage you. There are games and field and track, which are especially, fun. Although there’s a lot of great parts about runner’s camp, I think the most helpful part, is how it helps you explore the world in new and easier ways. Thankfully, this can reveal new lessons that can be applied to your every-day life. Overall, Runners Camp has been a wonderful and exciting experience which I think every kid possible should be able to have. – Ellie